We specialize in custom tile installations for your kitchen and bath. Ceramic, porcelain, travertine and everything in between.

Custom Shower

What's underneath your tile is every bit as important as the appearance. In order to protect your home, we are experienced and proficient with installing waterproofing membranes.

All of our installations use the mortar bed method to create a more cost effective and solid foundation that performs.


The durability of tile is great for high traffic situations, thanks to its strength and resiliency to wear and staining.

In most cases, installing a tile floor to your home will greatly increase its potential resale value. Potential buyers will certainly take notice of a well installed and designed tile floor. With a variety of sizing options and looks, your design flexibility is drastically improved. A good tile floor can certainly add thousands of dollars in potential value to prospective buyers.

Thin-set tile mortar provides a very strong bond, and is fairly resistant to moisture. Using the dry powdered thin-set tile mortar with a special latex additive ensures that your beautiful new tile will not fail or crack. 


Not only can you add color and texture to your walls, but by adding a tile backsplash to painted drywall you will greatly improve it's durability. Tile protects against moisture from soaking through your drywall and damaging it, and can be scrubbed of grease and cooking splatters more easily. 

Finally, adding a tile backsplash can make a dramatic aesthetic impact, and even improve the resale value of your home.



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